A showcase of any inspiration I find lying around the vast interwebs.

Pocket is a beautiful and extra wide Wordpress theme from the mind of Mike McAlister of Okay Themes. Love the whitespace and typography.

ThemeZilla is a Wordpress theme/plugin company run by Orman Clark and friends. Awesome themes and super handy plugins. Great bunch of guys.

Super awesome minimal responsive theme for Wordpress. Lots of nice CSS3 effects, good color scheme and typography. Just amazing.

Really great Wordpress theme from one of my favorite designers, Orman Clark. Very minimal, good typography, and an overall chill theme.

This website comes from the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Demon Hunter, and it’s an amazing dark simplistic site, and they are great designers, as well.

Wonderful use of a subtle noise on the header, nice whitespace, and beautiful typography.

Beautiful website. Very minimalistic, which is very my style. Also fantastic usage of a landscape background.